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On this page you can link to local farms and specialty organizations that provide produce, services, and materials that build on the practices we support here at Honking Goose Farm. 

Golden Ears 

Golden Ears Farm has provided the Chase Village and Shuswap Valley fresh, organic produce for decades. The Travers family invests time and energy into providing in-season, locally grown produce during spring, summer and fall with a winter hiatus. 


Ikigai Garden Market 

The Ikigai principle stems from a Japanese philosophy where living your best life is achieved through the practices of finding life purpose, joy, and mindfulness. They are a small operation with a bigger vision who provide exceptional produce during the growing season in the Shuswap Valley.  


Writing/Graphic Design Services

Living in the local Shuswap area community this independent writer provides a variety of online services including writing, graphic design, research, consulting, and fine art.


Jadeon Rathgeber

An Indigenous artist who specializes in silver jewelry and fine art travels across Canada with stops in the Shuswap including Honking Goose Farm. He shares an interest in sustainable architecture and has an ongoing project utilizing aircrete which Honking Goose Farm is in the beginning stages of building their new Greenhouse opening in the Fall of 2023. 

Let's Work Together

We believe in community and building strong relationships that protect and support well-being of families. It does take effort to reach out, to connect, and to communicate effectively in ways that nurture healthy communities. We encourage those who want to be involved and to learn more to contact us. 

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