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Oliver Martens has spent the last 20 years mastering farmsteading and gathering extensive knowledge on regenerative farming techniques and principles.


He has also furthered his love of creating art, woodworking and construction combined with a deep sense of the divinity in nature as his inspiration.


As a Spiritual Architect, Oliver approaches major building and art projects with a distinct aesthetic that is both architectural with sound engineered construction, but also applies a spiritually grounded harmony and orientation to the designs. Using the principle of repurposing, Oliver makes optimum use of recycled materials where possible. 

Oliver has a unique offering as a regenerative farming consultant. He can also design and build outstanding sites that takes into account, land, soil, water, irrigation, plant and animal integration for the best solutions to wholistic farmsteading. 

For a full range of his consulting services, call or email for a brochure and a quote on prices. 


Honking Goose Farm will be hosting a potluck and land tour on July 31st, 2022, in support of the Young Agrarians of BC educational and resource network. 

As an organization whose mission is to support the current and next generations of farmers, Honking Goose is proud to ally with the Young Agrarians association

Currently, this is the only event on our calendar but look for more to come in the future. 


Sign up today for a monthly newsletter to receive the latest on local growers, regenerative farming news, breaking stories and human interest features. Plans for an upcoming media channel hosted by Oliver Martens is in the works. 

Artisan Pottery

Ron Martens, a loving husband and grandfather of four, has spent decades refining his craft as a potter. Bringing his Mennonite legacy forward, he is an ardent devotee of meticulous detail and excellence in his passion for pottery.

He maintains a winter routine of creating handbuilt plates, bowls, cups and serving wares to prepare for a spring and summer market. 

Ron applies his precision and detail-workmanship to woodworking as well as holistic gardening and livestock on the Honking Goose Farm. 

As patriarch and wise elder of Honking Goose Farm, Ron has developed a sense of responsibility for the land his family stewards as farmers. Along with his wife Mary, the two of them have continued life-long learning becoming practitioners of regenerative farming, food preservation, and soil health. 

Ron and Mary are excellent sources of information on regenerative farmsteading. They are happy to provide resources and learning materials for those interested to learn more. At this time, they are not scheduling private mentoring or meetings but encourage those interested to sign up for the monthly newsletter. 



A full spectrum design, planning, and construction that employs dimensions of spirituality with the ecosystem



Regenerative farming techniques that build and maintain the integrity of nutrients, soil, water, and the ecosystem



Created with precision, durability and heart, Honking Goose Farm Pottery will grace your home for generations to come

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