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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have questions about regenerative farming?
    Contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to provide answers to your most pressing questions. If it would be beneficial, we would arrange a time for a tour around the farm to get the bigger picture of why regenerative farming is our practice.
  • Are there upcoming events for small groups or school organizations?
    If there is interest and we are able to schedule the events we will announce them and include the details in our monthly newsletter.
  • Where is the best source of information on the local farms in Chase?
    Please visit our resource page for more information on local farms and producers who supply vegetables, farm products, and services.
  • What about learning more about Spiritual Architecture?
    Oliver Martens will have a separate website upcoming soon to showcase his work, his availability for consultations, and to discuss a new course for instruction on Spiritual Architecture in the future.
  • Where can I purchase pottery designed by Ron Martens?
    Contact Ron directly through the contact page to arrange for his brochure and prices as well to make arrangements for purchases.
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