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Honking Goose Farm


Our Farm

The Decision to Practice

Regenerative Farming

Since moving to Chase, British Columbia in 2014, two generations of the Martens have established their firm belief in following food and farming systems that involves nature philosophy and regenerative farm management. 

Using a variety of techniques to improve soil health such as composting, crop rotation, grass-fed livestock, and other resource management tools and resources, the two Martens families strives to ensure living well.

Wellness, that robust relationship between our environment and positive well-being, started when they determined to be regenerative farmers.  As a father and son, Ron and Oliver Martens work diligently to provide the best for their loved ones. 

In the coming years, as the two younger Martens, Seb and Loki grow up on the farm, they will learn to value the efforts it takes to provide healthy foods for our bodies, the importance of life-long learning, and the role community plays in our lives, and that being stewards of the earth involves regenerative practices.


Our Story

A Local Family Farm

Ron and Mary moved from the US to Canada in the mid 70s first settling in the Dawson Creek area. They farmed and held jobs while bringing up their two sons Oliver and Jacob. As the boys moved on to post secondary education Ron and Mary took up stakes and moved to Vancouver. 

They decided to take up farming once more as their eldest son Oliver and his wife Naomi were expecting their first child and living in Chase, BC. Finding the property they moved onto, it took several years to rebuild, improve, and expand the standing structures as well as determine the best areas for gardens, trees, livestock, and permanent structures based on the natural weather patterns, wildlife, pests, and ecosystems. All considerations as regenerative farming practices are applied to farmsteading. 

Three generations share the responsibilities, joys, challenges, and fun of living on a regenerative farm. It is hard work but there are always opportunities for shared joyful moments. Ron and Mary take pride in their children and grandchildren, having worked diligently to provide for their future. Oliver works as their on-site manager who deals with the day-to-day operations caring for livestock, maintenance, repairs, and other duties that are part of keeping the family farm well-run and in optimum condition. 

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